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More and more I’m putting myself out there. Last May, I was part of the cast of Listen to Your Mother. A conversation on an airplane last winter resulted in an invitation to speak at The Yale Women’s Center. An article I was interviewed for, entitled Courage to Love, was posted on I’m excited about all of it, of course, but another part of me is saying, “Sit down. Be quiet. Who DO you think you are?”

Now I’ve never been one to live quietly. Anyone who knows me knows that. I’m one of those people who changes their Facebook status several times a day – and my profile pic and cover photo constantly. I’ve been a professional writer for close to 30 years. In the mix of articles I’ve written about others is a hefty mix of personal essays and columns. But this feels different. The spotlight feels like it’s burning bright and I’m feeling its intensity.

This morning I had the good sense to climb on my yoga mat—not just to get exercise but also to get to that beautiful, sacred space at the end when I attempt to shut my mind off. And so after I’d moved through various poses, I sat at the front of my mat, closed my eyes and breathed. Immediately monkey mind kicked in: Who do you think you are? Who ARE you anyway? You don’t even have a book out and you call yourself a WRITER!” And on it went….

I let the chatter go on for a bit before I said, “Enough!” And then in the silence, the truth bubbled up: “You are a collection of all of your experiences.”

That I am. That I can share. And I want to—not because I want that spotlight shining brightly on me, but because I believe there’s valuing in sharing our stories. I want to hear your story. I hope you want to hear mine. Ready: Share.

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