Weigh-in Day: Is Pie the Weight-Loss Secret?

It’s Weigh-in Day – and I wasn’t going to weigh in. The reason? Pie. And a lot of it.

Pumpkin pie.

Apple pie.

Chocolate pie.


We had a low-key Thanksgiving. We stayed home and ate Cornish hens and baked potatoes and salad. And gluten-free pumpkin pie.

I had a piece after dinner. I had a piece for breakfast the next day. We went to an after-Thanksgiving leftover party and I skipped the turkey and stuffing and went right for slivers of chocolate and cherry pie. My friend sent us home with slices of apple and more chocolate pie. I ate the apple the next day for breakfast and the chocolate the next day for lunch. Thank goodness we took our leftover pie to the party and left it behind or I would have eaten that, too.

In the days that followed, I ate popcorn and potato chips and chocolate. Instead of lots of water I drank lots of wine.

I didn’t use my Fitbit to track any of it, but I didn’t have to. My body knew. I was crabby – boy was I crabby. My inner critic had a heyday: “See? You did it again. You may as well quit now. You’re off track. Stay off track.”

The only thing I consistently did besides eat pie and beat up on myself was walk. I (mostly) logged 10,000 steps per day on my Fitbit.

So this morning – Day #22, Weigh-in Day – I wasn’t going to weigh in. It’s just a number – but it was my number and I knew it was going to be a number that would put me in a funk for days.

And then I said sternly: “Annie, it’s JUST a number! Get on the scale.”

157.4 – down 5.4 pounds from when I started on Nov. 11. Down 3.2 from the day before Thanksgiving.

Fitbit even emailed me a 5 lb weight loss badge this morning.

No, I have no plans to market my Pie Diet. Trust me, it’s not the way to go. I felt off. I was irritable (make that WAY bitchy) and the mental noise was deafening. I also noticed something else: “I don’t care” slipped into other areas of my life. For example, my daily writing goal fell to the wayside, too.

Today I’ll get back to tracking my food. I’ll get back to drinking water and logging it, too.

I’ll get back to it.

Because despite what my monkey mind wanted to tell me, I really do want to shed this weight. (I’m avoiding the word “lose” because that would imply I want to find it after it’s gone).

Christmas is coming. Likely I’ll have more pie, but this time, I’ll have less and I’ll enjoy it more.

I think it’s called “balance.”

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Weigh-in Day: Is Pie the Weight-Loss Secret? Weigh-in Day: Is Pie the Weight-Loss Secret?
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