Day #15: Weigh-in Day

Maybe it’s not a good idea to weigh in the day after you’ve had both pizza and Mexican food (OK, and a margarita, a glass of wine and a couple of turtle candies…).

Or maybe it’s what personal trainer Kris Cameron said in her #TrackerTale: You can’t out exercise a bad diet.

So here’s the scoop: I weighed in this morning at 160.6 – down 2.2 pounds from my starting weight 2 weeks ago of 162.8.

That would be great news if I hadn’t weighed in at 158.4 (4.4 pound loss) last week.

But hey, friends, I’m still down 2.2 pounds. I’m averaging a weight loss of 1.1 pounds – not quite the 1.5 pound weight-loss goal I had plugged into my Fitbit.

So what happened between last week and this week?

First the good news: With the exception of one day (and I was mighty close) I hit my daily goal of 10,000 steps. I even walked over 16,000 steps one day.

What I didn’t do so well: I didn’t consistently track my food or water.

Why? I got busy – and a little cocky. After a week of religiously tracking everything, I figured “I got this.” Even yesterday when I had pizza and Mexican food I thought I’d be okay because it was also the day I walked over 16,000 steps.

Lesson learned.

Time to recommit to my Fitbit – and, more importantly, to myself.

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  1. ReNuYourLife says:

    Keep pressing on Annie! It’s small steps and changes that last a lifetime. 🙂

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Day #15: Weigh-in Day
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