Weigh-in Day: So is Fitbit working?

It’s been a week of using my Fitbit to the fullest to see if it really will help me lose weight. Each day I’ve logged 10,000 steps. I’ve tracked my food and drink and have mostly hit the number of calories Fitbit recommends consuming if I want to lose 1.5 pounds/week. I went over slightly a day or two, and under slightly a day or two. For a couple of days, I changed what Fitbit calls a “kinda hard” goal of 1.5 pounds per week to the “harder” goal of 2 pounds per week. I noticed I felt more stress and deprivation on the latter, so for now I plan to stay with the 1.5 goal.

So did I do it? Did I lose 1.5 pounds?

I’m going to leave you (and me) hanging for a bit.

In the past when I’ve tried to lose weight, I’ve been super fixated on the number on the scale. Of course I want it to budge, but mostly I want to feel better. And after just one week, I do. I’m amazed that I do, but I do.

I’m not so bloated. My back and neck feel better (thanks mostly, I imagine, to my chiropractor). My jeans aren’t so tight. My energy level is higher. I’m not so crabby.

Even if the number on the scale hasn’t changed, I’ll keep going. Fitbit has me moving. It has me paying attention to what I eat. And it’s made me realize how very much I was eating.

I’m going to go weigh myself now. I’ll be right back….

Drum roll, please…

158.4 – down 4.4 pounds from my starting weight of 162.8.

Fat: 37.3 (down from 38.7)

Water: 45.7% (up from 44.7)

OK, so the numbers don’t matter, but they do feel pretty darn good.

Fitbit, my little friend, I like you.

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  1. LISA says:

    Holy hell! That’s awesome!

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Weigh-in Day: So is Fitbit working?
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