Day 1: It’s Not About a Number

I got on the scale this morning: 162.8 – up 7 pounds since late last January.

Body fat’s up. Hips and waist and thighs, etc.

But I don’t care – about the number(s) that is.

That in itself is huge for me.

For most of my 52 years, I’ve been obsessed about the numbers – ever since I was in the eighth grade and overheard pretty Maria in science lab say she needed to lose weight.

She was 5′ 8″ and weighed 110.

I was not quite 5′ 2″ and weighed 115.

Right then it landed on me: I’m fat.

Lordy, the stories we tell ourselves.

I care about that number on the bathroom scale today only because it confirms what I already know.

Anything north of 160 isn’t a good weight.

For me.

When my weight is over 160, I have assorted aches and pains. Right now it’s my low back and tingly hands. Not that long ago it was a heel spur on my left foot.

My belly hangs over my waistband.

I’m tired. And crankier.

Last May I was in a cardiologist’s office on my 52nd birthday with heart palpitations and vertigo.

I vowed never to be in a cardiologist’s office on my birthday ever again.

My family doc told me during my yearly physical that I needed to get my weight down.

“Give me a number,” I asked her.

“For your height, 130 or under.”

“Give me another number,” I said, knowing it’s been two children and 30 years ago since I’ve seen anything under 130.


“Okay,” I said.

I plugged 140 into my FitBit just now as a goal weight. It’s a nice number, 140. Can I imagine weighing that? Not really. I weighed 138 for about a minute in 1998. But it’s a new day and my FitBit is all charged up.

Here’s what I do know. I’m going to use my FitBit to track my activity and my food and water intake.

I’m not doing anything fancy. I’m not swearing off dark chocolate or wine or taking fist fulls of supplements.

I’m going to try to eat less crap and exercise more.

It’s worked for at least four powerhouse women I know of whose stories I hope to share in this space.

I’m driven, not by a bunch of numbers, but by the desire to be healthier for whatever days I have left on the planet.

PS: I’d love for you to fire up your activity tracker and join me. I’d love to hear (and share) your story. If you’ve found something that works – and by ‘something’ I mean a healthy, uncomplicated approach to weight loss – email me. It will help me and it will help others. Thank you.

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  1. Katy-Bug says:

    Annie, I’m in!!
    I’ve been looking for an exercise buddy for a few weeks. And guess what…you’re it.
    Eating isn’t really the biggest issue, it is being sedentary for me. And when I exercise I usually even eat better than ever.
    This is it….

  2. deb says:

    Annie, it’s amazing how similar our stories are. . . 7th grade, 5’5″ , 126lbs, “fattest” girl in class. Two kids and two divorces later, pushing 220 at 27, then at age 30 , I too had that moment of 138! Now, age 55, happy in life, finally down again from 225 to 205. . . no headaches, zero hot flashes, no aches and pains, sleeping great. My goal is another 15-20 lbs. I’ll join you with the fitbit challenge and keep you posted 😊

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Day 1: It’s Not About a Number Day 1: It’s Not About a Number
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